Nama : Knight Age Online 156


Version : 156

Deskripsi :

Knight Age Online is such a happy place...
I mean, it WAS a happy place until mysterious glowing objects began falling from the sky.
Not long after that, strange and powerful creatures begin appearing everywhere.
The Kindom has been plunged into chaos, and city elders fearthe balance between good and evil could be destroyed forever.
As a newbie, it is imparative that you grow stronger, it is only then that you and your friends will be strong enough to fight your way to the deepest and darkest places of the Kingdom.

      FITUR :

√ Teleport 1
√ Teleport 2
√ Zone
√ Sell Item
√ Add Group
√ Extra Option
√ Fix Lag
√ Fix Speed
√ Fix Skill
√ Show Players
√ Show ID
√ Show I/O
√ Auto Group
√ Auto Sell
√ Auto Restock